News and Events


December, 2016



Lisa Rizzo's Always a Blue House and Lisa Lutwyche's A Difficult Animal are both in print and available.


Ruth Thompson revised Here Along Cazenovia Creek and the new edition is available now.


A new SRP poster is available (free, of course) for download as a PDF or JPG.



August-September 2016


Lisa Rizzo's Always a Blue House is headed for the printer during the first week of September.


Jeni Reiter's Two Natures has been getting nice reviews, and will be available September 15th. We're running a special 99 cent e-book promotion for it, through September.


In e-book news, SRP  is now making its catalog available in Apple's iBooks store. We've started with the new releases, and will work our way back through the catalog until every book is on iBooks. This will take a month or two. If you have an Apple device (or computer) you now have a choice: Kindle or iBooks.


July 2016


July saw the completion of Lisa Lutwyche's A Difficult Animal, which is now available for review, and will be published on November 1st of this year.


In August we'll begin working on Lisa Rizzo's book of poems, Aways A Blue House.


Jessamyn Smyth's Gilgamesh / Wilderness isn't in house yet, but we're hoping to begin work on it late in the year, and bring it out in early 2017.



June 2016


Moving a book from "Forthcoming" to its place among our books in print is always a pleasure. Today (June 8th) we moved Jayne Benjulian's Five Sextillion Atoms out of Forthcoming and into Full Length Poetry as well as Featured.


Jayne's book is now available from the usual sources.



April 2016


Jendi Reiter's novel Two Natures is available for review. Contact Jendi, using the link on her author page. The novel will be published September 15th, 2016. A cover jpg and an interactive press release are now available.



March 2016


Just for fun, Don Mitchell has created a poster featuring all the SRP covers (the sharp-eyed will notice that although we haven't yet announced Jessamyn Smyth's poetry collection Gilgamesh/Wilderness, we have a cover draft for it). You can download either a PDF or a jpg and do with them as you wish. They are sized for 18 x 24" posters. We and some of our authors have used the online poster printing company Short Run Posters with good results, but there are many others.


The cover for Jendi Reiter's novel Two Natures is ready. We're about to start work on the book's interior, looking towards a late summer/early fall release. We'll have an official release date soon.



February 2016


There's a fine review of Stefan Kiesbye's The Staked Plains, over at The Los Angeles Review.


Jayne Benjulian's website is up now. If you want to contact Jayne about a review copy of Five Sextillion Atoms, you can reach her through the site.


The Inugami Mochi has been officially published. The book's page has purchase links.


Production work on Jayne Benjulian's Five Sextillion Atoms is complete, and the book has been uploaded to the printer. The cover image is available on the book's page, and an interactive press release is available now. Advance Review Copies should be available around the end of the month. The book will be published on June 8th, 2016.


Jessamyn Smyth and The Inugami Mochi (which will be out in a few days) are getting some press. Jessamyn will have video of herself reading the title story available soon, and when it is, we'll link to it here.


We're at work on Jendi Reiter's novel Two Natures. Stand by for new pages here. In the meantime, here's a link to an interview.


There's a very nice review of Jessamyn Smyth's The Inugami Mochi at a Trinidad site, by Shivanee Ramlochan. It's at a site called Novel Niche.


Work on Jayne Benjulian's Five Sextillion Atoms's cover is complete (the fifth and final version is the one currently on this site), and we're expecting to have advance review copies available in late February. Contact SRP directly if you'd like to review the book.


Jessamyn Smyth's The Inugami Mochi will be officially published on the 15th of this month. It's available for pre-order from the usual online retailers. You can also pre-order the Kindle from



January 2016


Ire'ne Lara Silva's Blood Sugar Canto is now officially published. It's a great pleasure to move the book from Forthcoming to Poetry.



Work on Jayne Benjulian's Five Sextillion Atom's interior is complete, and cover design is well underway. The book will be officially published in June, with advance review copies available in March. In the software industry one hears about "silent updates," and because a forthcoming book needs a cover for display on this site, we regularly (and silently) upload cover designs on the SRP website. So far, Jayne's book has appeared here with four different covers. There will probably be more.



Tania Pryputniewicz (November Butterfly) has an excellent piece here.



In other news, our printer/distributer is raising prices. Unfortunately we have to follow, except for the chapbooks, which can stay at $10. The full-length poetry books go from $15 to $16; one fiction book goes from $17 to $19, and the other fiction/memoir books go up $1.


We've adjusted the prices shown here now, but you won't see increased prices at bookstores or online until the printer's increases, which are scheduled for early February, ripple through the distribution system.


So if you've been thinking about buying some SRP books, this would be a good time to do it.



We do have some general SRP news.


We have seven books in the queue for 2016 (some might not be officially published until early 2017).



     Irene Lara Silva, Blood Sugar Canto (poetry)



     Jessamyn Smyth, The Inugami Mochi (fiction)



     Jayne Benjulian, Five Sextillion Atoms (poetry)



     Jendi Reiter, Two Natures (fiction)



     Lisa Lutwyche, A Difficult Animal (poetry)



     Lisa Rizzo, Always A Blue House (poetry)


Early 2017:

     Jessamyn Smyth, Gilgamesh/Wilderness (poetry)


This will bring us to 27 books.


2011:  2

2012:  0

2013:  7

2014:  7

2015:  4

2016:  7

2017:  1


Those of you who follow SRP know that the Hilo editorial and production staff numbers exactly two, both of whom are writers working on other projects (or trying to).


We've decided not to accept unsolicited submissions in 2016 and 2017.


We’ll be taking a sabbatical from publishing in 2017 – our first in six years! Of course the press will continue to operate, but we don't intend to publish any books beyond those we've listed, until 2018.


Every book we've published remains in print! Perhaps you might enjoy the dark comedy of Carol Flynn’s The Animals? Or Don Mitchell’s funny and poignant stories from Nagovisi, A Red Woman Was Crying? Or Tania Pryputniewicz' poems in November Butterfly?


And don't forget that all our books are available in Kindle editions, some at dramatically-reduced prices.



December 2015


Here we are at the end of 2015, with two news items: a review of Stefan Kiesbye's The Staked Plains, and a calendar notification for a poetry workshop that Ire'ne Lara Silva (Blood Sugar Canto) is putting on, in Austin, TX.


The Kindle edition of The Inugami Mochi is now available for pre-order, and the Kindle edition of Blood Sugar Canto will be available for pre-order later this week. Print version of both books have been available for pre-order for a some time.


There's a nice interview with Ire'ne Lara Silva here. Her book, Blood Sugar Canto, will be officially published on January 6th, 2016. Rearranging the SRP website by moving a book from "Forthcoming" to (in this case) Poetry is a great feeling.


We're pleased to announce that we'll be publishing Jayne Benjulian's book of poems Five Sextillion Atoms, in June, 2016.


Here at SRP we're not above a little foolishness. Over on Facebook, Jessamyn Smyth linked to a very funny New Yorker piece and commented that SRP is "so not like this." It's true! We're not! We encourage our authors to create a blog or website for their books, but that's about it. We don't instruct our authors to "Remember in your blog to tabskim your readers’ comments. You can use Twitter, Chitt-chaTT, or Nit-Pickr. When you reply to comments, try to post at least one photo per hour of you doing everyday tasks around the house, such as answering comments and posting photos. Please make sure they’re pre-scorched." We know nothing about pre-scorching. And we don't want to know, because to us that calls up visions of lava flows, and SRP is located on the slopes of a very large active volcano. We try not to think about any form of scorching.


Advance review copies of The Inugami Mochi will be available very soon (contact Jessamyn Smyth).


A fine review of Ire'ne Lara Silva's book of poems Blood Sugar Canto can be found here.



November 2015


The Staked Plains was officially published on the 24th, and is now available from the usual sources. Speaking of "sources," we now offer an "Indie Bound" link on each book's page. Indie Bound can direct you to an independent bookstore that can order (or perhaps stock) any of our books.


The proof copy of The Inugami Mochi has arrived, and it looks great. Official publication date is February 15th, 2016. If you'd like to review it, contact Jessamyn or SRP.


And another interesting Stefan Kiesbye interview has just gone live here.


An interesting interview with Stefan Kiesbye has just gone online here.


A fine review of Blood Sugar Canto has been published here. The link will either download a PDF or display it, depending on your browser's settings.


The Inugami Mochi will go to the printer on November 16th. Advance review copies should be available about two weeks after that -- roughly the beginning of December.


Adam Cushman (Red 14 Films) has just put out a video trailer for The Staked Plains.


Stefan Kiesbye was recently interviewed here by a German site. If your German is rusty, don't worry -- there's an English version.


Ire'ne Lara Silva has advance review copies on Blood Sugar Canto available now. Contact her at her own site if you want to review the book.


In other news, Ruth Thompson has a new poetry video up now.



October 2015


We've approved the proof of Blood Sugar Canto, and advance review copies have been ordered and are on their way to Austin. Be sure to contact Ire'ne Lara Silva (via her site) if you'd like to review the book. You can find interactive press release here and a digital cover image here.


The first review of The Staked Plains is in, and can be found here. Great review! You can download a digital image of the book's cover here and, as below, an interactive press release here.


The interior and cover of The Inugami Mochi are 99% complete, and we're expecting to send it to the printer during the third week of October.


Ire'ne Lara Silva's Blood Sugar Canto is headed for the printer and we should have advance review copies available in about two weeks (the third week of October). For shipping reasons, Ire'ne will be distributing the ARCs out of Austin; contact her (or SRP) if you'd like to review the book. We can supply a PDF, but the physical books will come from Austin. By the week of October 11th, you'll be able to download an interactive press release from the Blood Sugar Canto page here.


We're also closing in on having Jessamyn Smyth's The Inugami Mochi ready for the printer. Advance review copies should be ready late this month or early November.


Advance review copies of Stefan Kiesbye's The Staked Plains are available now. Stefan is distributing them out of Northern California (those shipping issues again) -- contact him through his site or through SRP. We can send out a PDF for review. An interactive press release is available here.


Also, on November 12th, Stefan will be reading at the Cloverdale (CA) Performing Arts Center, in the Books on Stage series. SRP authors Michelle Wing, Ruth Thompson, and Don Mitchell have all read at that most excellent venue.


On October 8th, Jennifer Campbell will be reading in the Wordflight at Red Doors series.



September 2015


As you may have noticed, we've made some changes to the site -- mainly reorganization, and some navigation improvements. We added a few more pictures of the Big Island; you can find them by going here.


We've approved the proof of The Staked Plains, and copies will be available for review during the week of October 5th. Contact us via this site.


We expect the proof copy of The Staked Plains on September 23rd, and we've named its release date: November 24th, 2015. It should be available for pre-order on Amazon in late September. We're preparing the Kindle edition now, for November 24th release as well. Press kits will be available soon -- use the Contact Us form.


The Staked Plains is ready for the printer, and advance review copies should be available by early October, with an official publication in mid-late November.


Work on The Inugami Mochi proceeds. It's on schedule for a late 2015 release.


July 2015


Next Door Lived A Girl is now live in the Kindle store, and the print version has been uploaded to the printer. Print copies should be available by the end of July.


We're excited to announce that we've begun work on Jessamyn Smyth's story collection The Inugami Mochi. It should be ready for publication late this year. We also now have the manuscript of Gilgamesh/Wilderness (poetry) and will begin working on that in late summer, for an early 2016 publication.


We also have a surprise acquisition: Stefan Kiesbye's first novella, Next Door Lived A Girl, which we'll be bringing out in a new edition -- first as a Kindle  (late July), and then in print (early August).


Press Kits for Ruth Thompson's Crazing can be found here. Here is a fine review of Crazing and here's another. Finally, here's a poem from Crazing and Ruth's comments on the poem.


We've updated Tania Pryputniewicz's author page and her November Butterfly pages as well.



June 2015



Earlier in June, Ruth Thompson gave a workshop and a reading at the Hilo Public Library. A video of the reading can be found here.


Ruth Thompson's Crazing is now available in both print and Kindle editions. As always, independent booksellers can order it through the Ingram system. Review copies will go out during the week of June 14th.


We're very pleased to announce that we have the manuscript of Jessamyn Smyth's story collection The Inugami Mochi, and will begin working on it soon. We're also expecting her poetry manuscript Gilgamesh/Wilderness. In May we joked that Ire'ne  Lara Silva and Stefan Kiesbye have moved our center of gravity westward -- Jessamyn, who lives in British Columbia, is also helping.


It shouldn't be long before we have Jenny Douglas' haiku memoir in house.


Michelle Wing reports that she's doing some radio interviews. When we have broadcast dates, we'll announce them here.


Michelle, Perry S. Nicholas, Jennifer Campbell, and ryki zuckerman have updated their author pages. Click through to see what these SRP poets have been doing lately.


Jennifer Campbell's work has recently appeared in the journal Medical Literary Messenger. Jennifer was also interviewed here.


Finally, for a small publisher whose catalog four years ago included exactly one book, we've grown. By the end of 2015 we should have 18 books in our catalog, and perhaps as many as two dozen by the end of 2016.



May 2015


The good May news just keeps rolling in. Early in 2016 we'll be publishing Blood Sugar Canto, by the Austin, Texas poet Ire'ne Lara Silva. Not only is it a wonderful book, but Ire'ne and Stefan (see the next news item) are helping us move SRP's center of gravity west!


We're pleased to announce our first novella: The Staked Plains, by Stefan Kiesbye, who has published a prize-winning novella and a full-length novel that attracted considerable attention in 2012. He's also written two well-received novels in German. Follow the link to his author page for details. Stefan teaches at Sonoma State College, in California. We expect to have advance review copies in October, with an early December publication date. There will also be a Kindle edition.


In June 2015 we'll publish Ruth Thompson's new book of poems, Crazing.



March 2015


A Talent for Shipwrecks (Zara Potts) is in print, and the Kindle edition should appear before March 10th. New Zealanders and Australians can order the print edition from Amazon Australia, or from their local booksellers.


Michelle Wing (Body on the Wall) was recently interviewed at Forgotten Writers.


Back in February, The California Journal of Women Writers (TCJWW) interviewed Tania Pryputniewicz (November Butterfly) and Don Mitchell (A Red Woman Was Crying) gave a reading at the Hilo (Hawai'i) Public Library.


Back in January, Ruth Thompson made a fine video -- and somehow, last June we missed mentioning her TCJWW interview.



January 2015


A Talent for Shipwrecks (Zara Potts) is nearly ready. This will be the first SRP book to be published both in the US and in the Southern Hemisphere, where it will be distributed out of Melbourne, Australia. Zara is a New Zealander.


November 2014


November Butterfly has been published in both print and Kindle editions, and What the World Sees is now available as a Kindle edition.


October 2014


 Matisse: A Life in Metaphor has been published in both print and Kindle editions. November Butterfly is complete, proofed, and the Kindle edition's been created. We're just waiting for November 1st. Kindle editions of Half Speed Epiphany, Taurus in Lake Erie, and Dance the Truth are available now, from Amazon. The Kindle edition of What the World Sees should appear before mid-October.


 In other news, A Red Woman Was Crying has been selected by Goodreads' "The Next Best Book Club" for its Author/Reader discussion in December, 2014.


Carol Flynn (The Animals) and Don Mitchell (A Red Woman Was Crying) will be reading together at Pegasus Books, Berkeley, on November 7th, at 7:30 PM. Don Mitchell and Ruth Thompson (Woman With Crows) will be reading at the Cloverdale Performing Arts Center (Cloverdale, CA), on November 6th, and then in Sausalito at Why There Are Words, on November 13th. Tania Pryputniewicz (November Butterfly), Ruth Thompson and Michelle Wing (Body on the Wall) will read at Poetry Flash (Moe's Books, Berkeley) on November 11th.


September 2014


 Half Speed Epiphany is in print and available at the usual sources. The Kindle edition will be along soon. The sixth (and, regrettably, the last) chapbook in the Forty-Three North series will be Matisse: A Life in Metaphor, by Marjorie Norris. Interior work on A Talent for Shipwrecks, by Zara Potts, is underway.



August 2014


  Work on both November Butterfly (to be published November 2014, with Advance Review Copies available mid-August 2014) and Half Speed Epiphany (mid-August 2014 publication in print and Kindle) is complete.


June 2014


Jennifer Smith Baros won the ENMU Writers Retreat "Write Portales" competition (June 11th, 2014). Her prize was a selection of SRP books, and a Mauna Loa style vanda lei from Hilo. Congratulations, Jennifer.


Work on Dance the Truth is complete, and copies will be available mid-June. The Kindle version will appear in the Fall.


Work on November Butterfly is nearly complete, and advance review copies should be available in mid-late June. The Kindle version will not appear until the book is officially published in November, 2014.


The ENMU Writers Retreat is underway!


May 2014


The ENMU Writers Retreat is coming up! Saddle Road Press is offering a prize for the best story or poem about Portales.


The Animals and Body on the Wall are available now, in both print and Kindle editions.


Ruth Thompson, Don Mitchell, Michelle Wing, and Carol Flynn are all participating in the My Writing Practice Blog Tour. You can find the blog URLs below.


April 2014


The Animals and Body on the Wall will be available soon, in both print and Kindle editions.


We've created Kindle editions of Ruth Thompson's Here Along Cazenovia Creek and Woman With Crows, Caiden Feldmiller's Pig, Smoking, ryki zuckerman's Looking for Bora Bora, Joyce Kessel's Describing the Dark, and Jennifer Campbell's Supposed to Love. Don Mitchell's A Red Woman Was Crying has been available in Kindle for several months. By late August we expect to have all of our books available in Kindle editions.


March 2014


Both Carol Flynn (The Animals) and Michelle Wing (Body on the Wall) now have blogs up and running.


Carol's is at, and Michelle's is at


Ruth Thompson (Here Along Cazenovia Creek and Woman With Crows) is also blogging at


Don Mitchell (A Red Woman Was Crying) blogs at


February 2014


We have four important news items for February.


(1) We are very excited to announce that Nomad's Home, by Gillian Barlow, has won the first Saddle Road Press competition for fiction and creative non-fiction. We expect to publish it in 2015.

Nomad's Home interweaves the author’s experience in designing and building Aboriginal housing with – among other threads – the ancient Japanese text Hojiki, explorations of the idea of “house,” uncovering of a long-buried family secret, racism, and the idea of “translation,” in a heady, mind-stretching conceptual brew. The book is strange, uncategorizable, and absolutely fascinating. There will be many challenges in bringing this unique, often pictorial, manuscript into print, but we are thrilled to have the opportunity. This is what micro-presses are all about!

Gillian Barlow is a writer and architect specializing in Aboriginal housing. She lives in Sydney,  Australia.


(2) We've added three new editors (and belatedly added our Intern Stephen Hunter to the staff list). The new editors are Ginia Loo (Honolulu, Hawa'i'), Simon Smithson (Melbourne, Australia), and Shelley Aronoff (Los Angeles).


(3) Saddle Road Press will have a table at the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair, Saturday April 5th, from noon to 6 PM, and Sunday April 6th, from 11 AM to 5 PM at the Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum, Porter Hall, 453 Porter Ave, Buffalo, NY. This event is free and open to the public.


(4) Our author Michelle Wing (Body on the Wall) is the first featured writer at the new literary site


January 2014


Saddle Road Press is pleased to announce the long-awaited arrival of our first book from the Southern Hemisphere - A Talent for Shipwrecks, by the New Zealand writer Zara Potts. See the Forthcoming page for details.


December 2013


Saddle Road Press will have a table at AWP 2014 in Seattle WA, February 26 - March 1, 2014. We'll be at Table P-7 - visit our table for books and fresh orchids (while supplies last), and sign up to win one of four leis.


Advance review copies of Michelle Wing's Body on the Wall and Carol Houlihan Flynn's The Animals will be available for review.


Some of our authors will be signing books between 3:30 and 5:30 PM on Thursday, and between 4:30 and 5:00 PM on Friday.


November 2013


Saddle Road Press is pleased to announce a partnership with the Eastern New Mexico University Writers Retreat, which will be in Portales, New Mexico, June 2-13, 2014.


We will offer a prize for the best story or poem about the city of Portales. The winner will receive a selection of our books, and a Mauna Loa style vanda lei.