Forty-Three North

Forty-Three North is a poetry chapbook series featuring poets from the Lake Erie region.


Forty-Three North is a reference to the approximate latitude of Lake Erie. The series is meant to honor the literary communities along Lake Erie, but especially in Buffalo, which is where Saddle Road Press operated before its relocation to Hawai'i.


The first three books in the series were published in Fall 2013, and the fourth and fifth in Summer 2014. The sixth (and final) chapbook appeared in October, 2014.












Caiden Feldmiller (Pig, Smoking) a poet from Erie County, Pennsylvania, now lives in State College, PA.


Joyce Kessel (Describing the Dark) lives in Boston, New York, in southern Erie County.


Trudy Stern (Taurus in Lake Erie) lives in Buffalo.


Terez Peipins (Dance the Truth) lives in Buffalo and Atlanta . . . and other cities.


Frederick E. Whitehead (Half Speed Epiphany) lives in South Buffalo.


Marjorie Norris (Matisse: A Life in Metaphor) lives in Buffalo.